There is nothing greater than to have an imaginative mind!

The great ideas that build great inventions come from the creative ideas and imaginative thoughts of a person. Thus to make it happen, we need to fill our minds with wild imaginations and enthuse our spirits with creativities and innovations. But we may ask the question, “How might we develop our ideas and innovations?”. Someone said, “To be creative is to be crazy like a child!” then only individuals can unleash the thoughts and invent something out of their crazy ideas by thinking like a child, because “children are known to be very creative and constructive”. Hence by doing so, we are releasing our inner potentials that is within us.

Report on Brainstorming Session

A very exhilarating session on brainstorming on the 18th Feb 2017 organised by the management which was part of the many activities carried forth by the College. Having Bro. Sunil Britto as Resource Person was, a dynamic figure who taught and shared his wisdom and knowledge breaking conventional norms of the educational system. The day kick started with some meditational prayer followed by some futuristic robotic dance where students and teachers alike shook their weary hinds and limbs and let go of their inhibitions. This was followed by an activity which made both teachers and students cracking their minds-“The 50 uses of a paperclip” which left most of us in darkness as we could not come up to even twenty uses which implied how we as adults have lost the childlike interest that helped us think outside the box. As the day progressed, we were seated in a semi circle and each had our chance of interacting with Brother. A proposition was made by the facilitator to each one of us to write down our thoughts and come up with creative ideas on “How might we make the school experience an enjoyable time for our students?”. Emphasizing on the importance to unleash our creativity, as great ideas came up from crazy fun filled thoughts. Students stepped up and participated voluntarily, for Brother believed it was no fun being forced around. But to every activity there comes a point when our creativity ceases to process and it was here that Brother initiated a technique when the “lull” period sets in. It proposed a reversed question “How might we make the school experience a boring and an unpleasant time for our students”. To every query, a solution must be sought and so each of us were given stickers to choose the best suggestions and the best suggested ideas were drawn and the aim of our objectives was achieved.

The whole session of brainstorming was indeed quite engaging and all of us were imbibed with the spirit of curiosity to think like a child and break our adult logical thinking and be able to get aligned with our inner child that is lost within us.

Unleash Your Invention with

  • Ideas
  • Imagination
  • Creativity
  • Constructivity
  • Participation
  • Anticipation
  • Collaboration
  • Exploration
  • Invention

“Alas! We can say that from all these words we have developed an Innovation which comes from nothing but from our Motivation!”

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